“My job is to keep you safe…”

“My state dictates your state…”

“I wish you well!”

“I commit to…”

These statements are powerful phrases we have come to know and love at Frontier! The power behind our words and the actions that follow can make an impact. We believe that Conscious Discipline helps and guides us to that goal!

Conscious Discipline is a system that encompasses four important components: The Brain state, Seven Powers of Conscious Adults, Creating the School Family, and Seven Skills of Discipline. With our trainings, book studies, and learned knowledge of CD, teachers and staff at Frontier are striving daily to use Conscious Discipline as a guide for classroom management. This is carried out not only in our classrooms, but in our school community! We have witnessed the power of these four components and the life changing experiences they have given. At Frontier, we implement tools like time machines, feeling buddies, Shubert book series, Brain Smart Starts and so much more!Shubert Series Value Pack (Set of 7 Books) All Ages. The Shubert series is  a unique set of books designed to build c… | Discipline kids, Books,  Conscious discipline

Traumatic Brain Injury: Learning to Cope with Emotions for Teenagers with Feeling  Buddies - A Little Desert Apartment

Falcons are life long learners, always growing and changing. We know that with the skills and foundation that Conscious Discipline lays, our school family will continue growing, learning and adapting.

Every Child. Every Chance. Every Day!