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Enrollment Process:

To enroll, students must reside in the district.  The enrollment process requires:

  • Two proofs of residency. State law states that a child’s residence is the school district in which the parent/legal guardian/legal custodian holds legal residence. (There can be penalties for falsifying residency).

  • A current bill for gas, electric, or water and sewer (telephone and cable bills are not accepted, nor are cutoff notices).

  • A current lease agreement, contract on a home (where you will be residing within 45 days), warranty deed statement, or mortgage statement.

  • Legal birth certificate.  It must be the certificate issued by the state or county where the child was born – not the hospital record. The child must be five 5 years old on or before Sept. 1, of the current school year to enter kindergarten.

  • Immunization record-The state requires acceptable evidence of adequate immunization before a child may be enrolled in any school in Oklahoma. Immunization Requirements

  • Parent/Guardian photo ID.  The biological, foster or adoptive parent may enroll the student.  A driver’s license or any other photo ID is acceptable.  Guardians must have proper copies of court authorization.  In cases of divorce, custody documentation is required, if applicable.